Anritsu Virtual #MWC21 – Wireless Technology Event

June 28 to July 1, 2021

5G networks and devices are being rolled out, new use cases and applications are being developed. Beyond testing for just higher speed and capacity, Anritsu provides test and analytics solutions to better understand your networks and devices. With continuous expansion of telecom networks and wireless connectivity in society, the industry will push beyond the current limits of performance. Anritsu is already developing technologies and supporting industry on the road to 6G

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Attend our Live Presentations covering Terahertz technology of 6G and 5G Network Slicing together with Jonathan Borrill, Anritsu Head of Global Market Technology.




Terahertz technology of 6G June 28 & 30, 14:00 CEST / 8:00 EDT

The constant evolution of communication systems, including future systems beyond 5G, has led to telecom networks operating in the millimeter-wave frequency ranges as more bandwidth and higher data rates are required.   Research and development of terahertz band components and devices is now expanding, and new test solutions are required.


5G Network Slicing – June 29 & July 1, 14:00 CEST / 8:00 EDT

As 5G networks are migrating to Stand Alone architecture, so we can expect Network Slicing to be offered by operators, together with Edge computing. Our test beds show a Smart Factory scenario, where a factory robot arm and inspection camera are linked to an Edge node that provides low latency processing of video and feedback control to the robot arm. By using a 5G Stand Alone network Slice, we can ensure that both the camera and robot have access to dedicated network resources to ensure the required low latency and high bandwidth required

  Discuss and ask your questions to our Experts by attending our Daily Live Video Chat on June 28 to July 1. Please note that there is limited seating. You must be on the platform at the scheduled time to attend the event. 


  Smart Factory - 5G Network Slicing & MEC
Daily at 10:00 CEST

Vipin Pande, Product Marketing Manager for Protocol Tests

5G Device Certification Testing
Daily at 10:45 CEST

Adrian Persaud, Marketing Manager for RF Conformance Tests

  5G Field Testing and Interference Hunting
Daily at 11:30 CEST

Ferdinand Gerhardes, Business Development Manager
  O-RAN Radio Test
Daily at 12:15 CEST

Johan Wallblad, Field Application Engineer
  Terahertz Technology for Beyond 5G
Daily at 13:00 CEST

Christian Sattler, Team Leader Engineering & Technology – RF & Microwave

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5G Field Testing and Interference Hunting - In 5G mobile network Installation & Maintenance, Anritsu measurement solutions assure both stable 5G mobile network operations and preventive maintenance, helping support future 5G network innovation.

O-RAN Radio Test - A quick look at the ORAN network concept and architecture, and 3GPP based Radio Unit testing methods. 

Smart Factory - 5G Network Slicing & MEC - Overview of the concepts of 5G network slicing and multi-access edge computing.  We explore the network slicing feature in 5G along with its impact on service architecture.

Terahertz Technology for Beyond 5G - New technologies and measurement solutions for Terahertz band device and system performance, supporting research of Beyond 5G and 6G.

5G Device Certification Testing - Anritsu offers a complete test solution to certify 5G devices for Protocol and RF Conformance.  


5G Automated Assurance - Anritsu’s probing and troubleshooting solution provides end-to-end insight into customer experience and network traffic with KPIs, detailed call-flow troubleshooting, real-time dashboards, analytics, and reporting. It assures 5G networks, virtualized and cloud-enabled, alongside 2G to 4G networks.

Augmented Analytics - Anritsu uses streaming analytics to detect real-time subscriber-affecting issues. Using patented machine learning algorithms, we automatically detect anomalies in behaviour, isolate the root cause, and impacted subscribers ready for automated actions.

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