Surface Shape Measurement by OFDR Using Wavelength Swept Light Source – Actual Analysis Method and Measurement Examples

This white paper explains the configuration of an OFDR measurement system using a wavelength swept light source as well as the measurement procedure. Moreover, it describes large distance measurement of the surface shape of a large car in one scan series without moving the measurement system around the vehicle.


  1. Introduction
  2. OFDR Measurement Procedure
    1. Measurement Principle
    2. Examples of Interferometer Configurations
    3. Linearize Processing and Sampling
    4. Delay Compensation
    5. Wavelength Dispersion Compensation
    6. Optical Path Length Difference Measurement of Reference Interferometer
    7. Peak Detection
    8. Distance Calculation
    9. Wavelength Sweep Width and Resolution
    10. Temporal fluctuation/variation in distance measurement
  3. Measurement Examples
    1. Car Body Surface Shape Measurement
    2. Gage Block Surface Shape Measurement
  4. Conclusions
  5. References

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