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Radio Testing

Are you doing radio installations? There are many technologies and techniques for doing an accurate and quick job. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Installing different radio standards with limited knowledge
  • Analyzing or demodulating radio technology
  • Characterizing wideband radio channels

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Transport Testing

Doing optical installation is challenging. Testing and measuring are essential to guaranteeing everything is working correctly. Are these a problem for you?

  • Meeting the requirements from the operator and the ITU to get approval of the installation
  • Finding ways to make measurements easy for your technicians
  • How to do deeper analysis of complex problems

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Sub Categories


Physical Layer Testing

Want to learn more about testing the physical layer? These tests can be complicated and time-consuming. Which of these would you like to improve?

  • Fully understanding installation tasks in the field so everything runs correctly
  • Automating measurements for non-skilled users
  • Minimizing technician mistakes

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Private Mobile Radio

Need to install a Private Mobile Radio network such as TETRA or DMR? Coverage mapping and interference hunting are necessary to guarantee the coverage required by regulators. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • Testing a base station's BER performance
  • Indoor coverage mapping of a PMR network
  • Knowing what instruments you need for PMR

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Submarine Cable Testing

Testing submarine cables? It's essential that you install everything correctly. These may be some of your challenges.

  • Understanding all installation requirements
  • Knowing the parameters for installation

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